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NYC DNA Testing of The Bronx

DNA Testing provides the most reliable genetic fingerprinting. With results boasting 99.99%+ accuracy, DNA Tests are the gold standard by today’s measures. The right lab provides you with accurate results in a matter of days – not weeks or months. Hence, patrons seek DNA Testing in the Bronx for:

  • Paternity Testing – Establishing or negating a genetic link between a child and the alleged father.
  • Maternity Testing – Establishing or negating a genetic link between a child and the alleged mother.
  • Grandparentage Testing – We inherit 50% of our DNA from our mother and 50% of our DNA from our father. Hence, we inherit 25% of our DNA from our grandparents. As a result, a grandparentage test confirms or negates a genetic link between a child and the alleged grandparents.
  • Avuncular Testing – Under certain circumstances, a biological father is unable or not willing to undergo genetic testing. As a result, an avuncular test examines the DNA of a child and compares it to the brother or sister of the alleged father.
  • Siblingship Testing – Two people who suspect that they are siblings may compare their DNA against that of their alleged biological parents. Hence, under circumstances where the alleged parents are not capable or willing to undergo testing, Siblingship tests substantiate or negate familial ties.
  • Immigration Testing Collections for Accredited AABB Laboratories – DNA test results are used to support a petitioner’s case to bring residents of other countries to the United States and grant them citizenship. DNA test results verify or deny the claim of a biological relationship. As a result, a positive match provides supporting evidence and helps the petitioner.

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Quick DNA Testing Bronx NY

When you need results quickly, choose a testing center that you can rely on. NYC DNA Testing Centers offer rapid, accurate DNA Testing in the Bronx. Additionally, we have 5 locations for DNA Testing in NYC and we provide our customers with test results in 2 to 3 business days.

DNA Testing in the Bronx You Can Count On

Our mission is to offer our clients peace of mind, without hassles. Our testing centers provide results with at least 99.99% accuracy, therefore you can expect conclusive results the first time around. Additionally, our collectors are certified AABB Relationship Testing sample collectors – meaning the test results you receive have a chain of custody and are court admissible. NYC DNA Testing of the Bronx also completes collections for immigration DNA cases that have been set up by AABB laboratories.

Convenient DNA Testing in the Bronx

If you’re looking for a convenient one-stop shop for your various DNA testing needs, choose the NYC DNA Testing Center in the Bronx. Our DNA Testing facility in the Bronx is located at 3030 Middletown Rd, Ste 114, Bronx, NY 10461 and is open seven days a week by appointment only.

If you lack reliable transportation or you prefer DNA testing in the privacy of your home – no problem! Our mobile collectors come to you. They service the Country Club, Riverdale, Schuylerville, Pelham Bay, and Morris Park areas in Bronx County.

Not located near the Bronx area? NYC DNA Testing Centers have 5 locations in the NYC area,   click here->DNA Testing Near me to find the facility closest to you. 

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