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Immigration DNA Testing in NYC: DNA Testing at the Border

With the recent increases in migration to the United States from the Southern border, things are starting to heat up. The United States is seen by many as perhaps the freest and most prosperous nation in the world. Hence, it’s no surprise that hopeful immigrants are willing to come legally – or utilize other methods. To curb the rise of undocumented immigrants, CBP and ICE are implementing a pilot program utilizing immigration DNA testing in NYC and near our Southern border.

The Basis for Immigration DNA Testing in NYC

Understanding the desperation that many hopeful immigrants experience, CBP and ICE are aware of the fact that migrants are willing to behave dishonestly. CBP is reporting that they encounter many individuals arriving at the border with children of whom they have no biological relationship with. However, said individuals may fraudulently claim that they are the parents of the children in order to receive more favorable treatment within our current system.

Our current system prohibits detaining children for more than 20 days. After, the government releases them into the country with their parents. Naturally, this incentivizes hopeful migrants to arrive at the border with a child – whether they are related or not.

As a result, CBP and ICE are resorting to utilizing immigration DNA testing in NYC for the purposes of confirming biological relationships. Currently, they are testing the program on a small scale at the Southern border.

Basically, if a person arrives at the border accompanying a minor and claims parenthood over the child, CBP assesses the situation and responds accordingly. Occasionally, an agent may suspect a fraudulent claim, stemming from a lack of supporting documents, as an example. They would flag the family and refer them to ICE for questioning. Then, depending on the results of the interview, ICE may advise them to take an immigration DNA test.

The immigration DNA testing would be completely voluntary and tests only for a biological relationship. ICE claims that their DNA will not be used to verify a match within the federal criminal database. Ultimately, ICE and CBP claims this lessens the likelihood of fraudulent claims of familial ties at the border.

Immigration DNA Testing in NYC Brings Families Together

Many families risk life and limb to get here. Sometimes, they leave their loved ones behind with hopes to reunite later on. The United States allows you to petition for U.S. citizenship for your loved ones. Generally, the application process requires plenty of supporting documentation.

In the event that you’re lacking sufficient documentation, immigration DNA testing in NYC is the most valuable tool to establish a biological relationship between both parties. Learn more here

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