NYC DNA Testing Services

Whether you need to clear your doubts or be recognized, NYC DNA Testing provides reputable, confidential, and court admissible DNA tests in 2-3 business days. We have both DNA collection centers and registered AABB DNA sample collectors that can arrange an appointment at your residence, or you can schedule a DNA Test at one of our collection centers throughout New York City and the five Boroughs. All DNA Tests through NYC DNA Testing are New York State legal DNA tests.

Below are the DNA testing services NYC DNA Testing provides to residents of New York City

Paternity Testing in New York City

There is an almost unlimited amount of information stored in our DNA. But many of our clients, perhaps the majority, are looking for one potentially life-changing piece of information. Paternity. A paternity DNA test establishes whether the alleged father is the biological father.

Grandparentage Testing in New York City

If half of our DNA markers belong to the mother and the other half belongs to the father – then one-fourth of our genetic markers belong to our grandparents. DNA tests done through the grandparents in question establish if either the grandfather or the grandmother is the biological grandparent of the child. Usually, grandparentage DNA tests are done when a paternity test is unable to be performed or the alleged father is not available to take the test.

Avuncular Testing in New York City

What is Avuncular testing? In cases where the alleged biological father of a child is unable or unwilling to be tested, we can perform what is known as an avuncular DNA test. In these tests, we examine the DNA of the child alongside the DNA of the biological brother or sister of the alleged father.

Siblingship Testing in New York City

If you are looking to find out if two individuals are biological siblings, the best way to find out is to test their DNA against their alleged parents, instead of testing the potential siblings against each other. If the alleged parents are unable or unwilling to participate in a DNA Test, a Siblingship Test can be done to determine the relationship between alleged siblings.

Maternity Testing in New York City

Maternity tests are performed when a woman needs to establish that she is the biological mother of a child. Maternity testing is similar to paternity tests in the way the DNA test is analyzed

Immigration DNA Testing Collection for AABB Laboratories in New York City

New York City prides itself on being the melting pot of the US, if not the world. NYC DNA Testing is therefore happy to offer the collections for immigration DNA tests. Immigration DNA tests are performed to verify a stated biological relationship as a form of credible evidence to be submitted for an Immigration visa. Immigration tests are primarily performed to verify paternity, maternity, and/or full-sibling relationships.


+ What if the alleged father is not available for a paternity test?

If an alleged father cannot be tested, regardless of the reason, paternity can be established indirectly through other close relatives (i.e. grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc).

+ How is a DNA collection performed?

DNA collections are quick and painless. Using a buccal swab, check cells are collected by a registered AABB Relationship Testing Sample Collector.  That swab is then transported to the laboratory for DNA analysis.

+ How accurate are DNA Tests?

DNA testing is extremely accurate. Thanks to our methods and high standards, results for a standard legal paternity test is guaranteed to be at least 99.99% probability of paternity for inclusions or 100% certainty of exclusion. The laboratory meets or exceeds all standards established by the AABB so you never have to worry about contamination or a mix-up in samples.


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