Siblingship DNA Tests in New York City

Sibling DNA Tests in NYC:

Connecting with Loved Ones


They say blood is thicker than water – family above all. That’s why many residents are heading to NYC DNA Testing Centers for DNA siblingship testing in New York City. DNA siblingship tests compare the genetic profile of one person to another to confirm or negate a genetic match. While it is preferable to test the parents to confirm a genetic likeness – the parents aren’t always capable or available to complete this testing. Hence, people seek DNA sibling tests in NYC to establish or deny sibling relationships.


How to Get an Accurate DNA Sibling Test in New York City

Sampling the parents helps to establish a more detailed genetic profile. If you can identify the mother and she is available for testing, we advise including her in the Siblingship Test as well. Furthermore, including the mother in a Siblingship Test increases the probability of an accurate test significantly – by as much as fifteen percent.


Understanding the Metrics – The DNA Siblingship Index

DNA siblingship tests do not produce genetic profiles with identical genetic markers. Actually, the results of the test rely on statistical probabilities. To quantify the likeness of a sibling relationship between two alleged siblings, we use the ‘Siblingship Index’.

A calculated siblingship DNA index of less than 1.00 signifies that both of the alleged individuals have no biological relationship. An index exceeding a score of 1.00 acts as supporting evidence that the testees have a high probability of being biological siblings. A higher index score correlates with a greater chance of the two alleged individuals actually being related.


Types of DNA Siblingship Tests in NYC

Each and every one of our clients faces unique circumstances that pose different challenges. As a result, we determine our approach on a case-by-case basis and choose the tests that suit their situation most adequately. Hence, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the right test for you.


Full Siblings vs. Unrelated

This form of testing compares the DNA of two alleged individuals while accounting for the possibility of them having identical paternal origins. This method of DNA siblingship test is common in US Immigration Cases where a constituent of the United States petitions on behalf of a brother or sister who is applying to become a naturalized citizen of this country.


Full Siblings vs. Half Siblings

This method of testing compares the genetic profile of two people with the same mother and compares their DNA with that of their mom. To complete this method of Siblingship Test, we recommend including the mother’s genetic profile into the test. Additionally, testing the same parent makes it possible to determine what characteristics acquired by the two test-takers stem from their father. As a result, this increases the conclusiveness of the test.


Half Siblings vs. Unrelated

The DNA of both test-takers with different maternal origins are compared to determine the possibility of them being born from the same parent. Under these circumstances, we advise including samples from both of the biological mothers. By examining the mother’s genetic profiles, we are able to accurately find the traits inherited by these individuals from their father(s).


Twin Zygosity

Twin Zygosity tests investigate the genetic profile of 2 siblings against each other to determine whether or not they are identical or fraternal twins. Furthermore, this method of siblingship testing does not necessitate any other DNA samples for conclusive results.


How to Get DNA Siblingship Testing in NYC

Our goal is to make testing as simple and convenient for you as possible. Simply contact us to set up an appointment. You can take advantage of any of our many DNA testing facilities in NYC. Our collectors are certified AABB Relationship Testing Sample Collectors, so you can expect the highest quality standards of care.

If you have questions – we’ve got answers. Schedule your appointment today!


Our service area covers the five boroughs of New York (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island). You can schedule your DNA test at one of our collection sites or have a registered AABB Relationship testing sample collector come to you!


+ What if the alleged father is not available for testing?

When it is not possible to test an alleged father, paternity can be established indirectly (i.e. grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc).

+ How is a DNA collection performed?

A DNA collection is quick and painless. A sterile swab is rubbed on the inside of your mouth for 20-30 seconds to collect cheek cells.

+ How accurate is the test?

DNA Testing is extremely accurate. The laboratory meets or exceeds all standards established by the AABB. Results for a standard legal paternity test is guaranteed at least 99.99% probability of paternity for inclusions or 100% certainty of exclusion.


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