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Paternity Test in NYC: When You’re Not the Father

At NYC DNA Testing Centers, we witness and hear about plenty of heart-wrenching stories that change people’s lives. Hence, our mission is to provide relief and clarity to our clients. When facing uncertain circumstances, shedding a little bit of light on an issue goes a long way. Our DNA testing services provide our clients with the insight to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, sometimes a paternity test in NYC uncovers situations that are distressing for all parties involved.

We see it all too often. A father loves and cares for a child for years. He gives them his unwavering attention and effort and develops a strong bond with the child. Then, the father starts discovering supporting evidence of his significant other’s infidelity. After taking a paternity test in NYC, the father confirms the child is not his.

A Paternity Test in NYC May Uncover Harmful Truths

After spending years with the child, you see that child as your own – regardless of the paternity test results. As a result, the idea of letting that child go may seem unbearable.

Assuming that the child was born out of wedlock and you didn’t sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity, you still have options. Fortunately, you are able to claim legal guardianship of the child by petitioning the state courts.

The courts will then perform a series of interviews including you, the child, the mother, and the paternal father if he is present and verified. Ultimately, the courts decide based on the interviews and several other factors.

Acquiring legal guardianship requires that certain conditions are met. First, take a look at the following conditions to meet before applying to legal guardianship:

  1. The petitioner is an adult.
  2. The petitioner has sufficient time to spend with the child.
  3. Caring for a child brings certain financial requirements. Hence, the petitioner must be in good financial standing, sufficiently enough to care for the child.
  4. The person must be physically capable of caring for the child.
  5. Raising a child requires a positive influence and a strong role model. Hence, the courts are looking for supporting evidence that the petitioner is able to make a positive impact on that child’s life.

Ultimately, the courts take all of these factors into account. Then, they determine the optimal scenario for the child and base their decisions on the evidence. Even if the paternity test in NYC does not link you to that child, you might still be able to win legal guardianship over that child.

While the biological parents must consent to allow a legal guardianship, there are exceptions. Occasionally, the courts may deem the biological parents unfit to raise that child. As a result, the petitioner is granted legal guardianship – despite both biological parents being present in their lives.

A Paternity Test in NYC Provides Answers

It is not NYC DNA Testing Centers’ place to provide legal counsel to our audience. However, we care about educating our audience. While this information should not be considered legal advice – it gives you some direction.

If you’re having doubts, DNA testing in NYC provides the answers you’re looking for. We understand that these situations become stressful and nobody wants to wait excessively for these types of answers. Hence, we commit to providing accurate test results within 2 to 3 business days. NYC DNA Testing Centers stands behind you and all of your DNA testing needs.

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