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DNA Testing in Queens NY

DNA Testing in Queens NY: Answering Questions and Changing Lives

Are you searching for DNA testing in Queens NY? You are not alone. Many people across the country are turning to DNA testing when facing multiple circumstances.

Our DNA contains valuable and potentially sensitive information about our heredity and biological ties. DNA testing sheds light on biological relationships and accurately confirms or denies them. Hence, these tools provide information that potentially changes lives and families forever. Let’s look at some of the more common forms of DNA testing in NYC.

Different Forms of DNA Testing in Queens NY

  • Paternity Testing – A father’s role in raising a child is priceless. Occasionally, a mother cannot identify the father of her child without doubts. As a result, the mother seeks paternity testing to confirm the alleged father’s relationship to the child. Paternity testing is also a valuable tool for establishing legal paternity and providing supporting evidence in child support cases.
  • Maternity Testing – A mother carries a child in her womb for about 9 months. Unfortunately, extenuating circumstances potentially cause a mother to separate from her child at birth. Foster parents or others assume the role of the child’s primary guardian. Despite receiving adequate care and affection, it’s normal for a child to wonder about the identity of their biological mother. Often times we also see biological mothers who come back into the child’s life at a later date. Hence, maternity testing serves as a means of confirming those maternal ties and reconnecting people.
  • Immigration DNA Testing – American citizens have the right to petition the US to grant their relatives from foreign countries citizenship. This process requires substantiating documents and a several step application process. Sometimes, the petitioner lacks supporting documentation to prove a biological relationship. Hence, they utilize immigration DNA testing to substantiate those claims.
  • Siblingship Testing – Occasionally, siblings separate at birth. Thanks to recent advances in technology, more people are focusing on learning more about their family history and connecting with potential relatives. People seek a siblingship DNA test to confirm or deny the existence of a sibling relationship.

Other Forms of DNA Testing in Queens NY

  • Grandparentage Testing – Under certain circumstances, a child may want to confirm their relationship with their alleged grandparents. This form of testing makes it possible. Also, grandparentage testing helps establish a genetic profile when the father is not available for testing.
  • Avuncular Testing – When a child needs to establish their father’s identity, but the father is not available for testing, they seek avuncular testing. Avuncular testing compares the DNA of the child’s alleged uncle and either confirms or denies a genetic match.

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