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DNA Test Kit: They’re Not What You Expect

DNA test kits are all of the rage nowadays, especially if you’re searching for DNA testing in NYC. Unfortunately, they are not everything that they promise to be. NYC DNA Testing Centers gives it to your straight – so we’re going to talk about what really goes on when you buy a DNA test kit.

It’s Not Always a DNA Test Kit

If you’re searching for DNA testing in NYC, you might come across some very ‘reasonably-priced’ DNA testing kits in convenience stores out there. Actually, they sell for about the price of a full gas tank (or less). While the price looks great, what you actually get isn’t too flattering.

In some instances, there’s no DNA test kit actually in the box at all. You get a voucher equal to the purchase amount and a card instructing you to call the DNA testing site in NYC and make an appointment. Hence, they’re capitalizing on false promotions. Additionally, the testing fees are actually much higher than the voucher you already paid for. Generally speaking, the total fees end up costing you potentially 5 to 10 times as much!

DNA Test Kits Are Not Always Confidential

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If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you are learning that these DNA test kits do not guarantee your privacy. Actually, recent reports are indicating that these DNA test kit providers are uploading your DNA test results into a central database. Furthermore, they are working with the FBI by sharing access to this database.

So chances are you’re not running from the FBI…so no big deal, right? However, these DNA test kit providers are actually selling your information to other companies also. Specifically, pharmaceutical companies, life insurance companies, and so on. Of course, they are stating this in their terms of service (or not), but chances are they are writing their terms cryptically enough that you don’t get the idea.

Lastly, and perhaps most concerning of all is the threat from hackers. Previously, we mentioned that your DNA testing results are being kept in central databases. Hence, they’re exposing you to cyber attacks from hackers. Just last year, hackers stole nearly 100 million email addresses from MyHeritage. If they were able to steal emails, maybe they could steal more one day?

DNA Test Kits Do Not Provide Results For Court Cases

Some people turn to DNA testing in NYC when dealing with life-altering situations and court cases. For example, immigration cases, paternity/custody cases, or child support cases. The New York State Department of Health forbids using home DNA test kit results in court.

All DNA testing in NYC for court cases needs to be performed through an AABB-certified lab. Also, testing is done under the supervision of an AABB-certified DNA sample collector.

In the end, some things are better the old-fashioned way. Call NYC DNA Testing Centers for your DNA testing today. There are no privacy concerns as we deliver your DNA testing results exclusively to you in a written report. There are no databases and no chances of your information falling into the wrong hands.

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