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DNA Testing in the Bronx: Answers to Common Questions About DNA Testing

DNA Testing in The Bronx

The last couple of decades usher in major changes in the world of genetic profiling. During its inception, DNA testing in the Bronx was generally a complicated procedure requiring blood samples and several weeks to see results. Today, we see major advances in the realm of DNA testing – with consumers reaping the greatest rewards.

Given the popularity of DNA testing in the Bronx, there are many questions surrounding the topic. Hence, our mission at NYC DNA Testing Centers is educating our audience in a fair and honest manner. As a result, we compiled a list of answers to common questions for your review.

Is DNA Testing in the Bronx Safe?

Yes, our DNA tests are absolutely safe. We use sterile, non-invasive testing instruments. Furthermore, all of our DNA sample collectors are accredited by the (AABB) American Association of Blood Banks. Actually, this means that our testing methods live up to the highest standards. Given our strict protocols and careful handling of your DNA samples, we offer results so precise that they can be used in court cases.

How are Your DNA Tests Performed?

The testing process is quick, simple, and painless! We use a buccal swab to collect cheek cells. Also, after about 30 seconds of swabbing, the collection process finishes. Our staff performs the sample collection or we offer to supervise you while you collect your own DNA – whichever you prefer!

Is DNA Testing in the Bronx Confidential?

Yes, your DNA test results are completely confidential. After finishing our analysis, we submit your test results directly to you (and only you). Furthermore, none of our staff sees your results. Ultimately, you can be the only person to see the results if you prefer.

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How Much Does DNA Testing in the Bronx Cost?

To get the most accurate results possible, we treat every client as an individual. Certain situations warrant testing multiple persons to increase the accuracy of the tests. Hence, pricing may vary depending on each case. Contact us so that we can learn more about your case and provide you with a quote.

Ultimately, NYC DNA Testing Centers prices their services competitively. We actively scan the market and fine-tune operations so that we can offer a higher quality product while keeping costs reasonable. In the end, rest assured that we provide a superior product at very competitive prices.

I Cannot Make it to the Testing Site – What Can I Do?

NYC DNA Testing Centers prioritizes the customer experience above all. As a result, we recently added mobile DNA sample collectors to our team. That’s right, our mobile DNA sample collectors come to you! Simply contact us to share your location and see if you’re within our service area and schedule an appointment.

How Long Does it Take to Get my Test Results?

Our DNA testing facilities in New York deliver results in 3 business days or less. We understand that you come to us when you’re desperate for answers. There’s no need to wait, we get you accurate results with minimal turnaround time.

Do you have more questions? Our operators are standing by to help! Call now.

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