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Claiming Dependents: How DNA Testing Can Boost Your Tax Returns

Claiming Dependents: How DNA Testing Can Boost Your Tax Returns

It’s everybody’s favorite time of the year again – tax season! While we say that jokingly, we actually have a very important message for you today. Naturally, you want to maximize your tax returns so that you have more control over your wallet. If you’re caring for others, then claiming dependents is the right thing to do. However, certain circumstances require taking things a step further.

The IRS states that dependents are children or other individuals you are responsible for caring after. Hence, the Internal Revenue Service recognizes these charitable acts and offers tax deductions which beef up your tax return. However, it’s important to know that the IRS imposes strict requirements for claiming dependents. They are as follows:

  • The child must be your daughter or your son. Certain other relations apply like foster children, stepchildren, and nieces or nephews.
  • The children must be under the age of 19. Additionally, if they are studying in college, the IRS permits individuals of up to 24 years old.
  • You must be responsible for providing over half of the child’s needs such as a roof to sleep under, food, clothing, and transportation.
  • The child must be living with you for over a year and a half.
  • If the child is filing a joint return, this prevents them from claiming to be a dependent.
  • The IRS forbids any more than one individual claiming a child as a dependent on their tax return. Hence, if the other parent is claiming the child – this prevents you from claiming them.
DNA Testing in NYC for Claiming Dependents on Your Tax Return
DNA Testing in NYC for Claiming Dependents on Your Tax Return

DNA Testing in NYC for Claiming Dependents on Your Tax Return

Now, there are certain situations where a parent’s name is not on the child’s birth certificate. If they plan on claiming dependents, then they are responsible for providing proof of a paternal relationship. In this case, a paternal DNA test becomes your most effective option of establishing paternity.

If you’re searching for a paternity test in NYC, keep in mind that there are certain laws that govern DNA tests in New York. New York City mandates that all DNA testing be performed by an AABB-certified DNA Laboratory if you live in New York City.

Hence, those home DNA testing kits that you can buy on the shelves for twenty or thirty bucks do not work for the purposes of claiming dependents on your tax return. As a side note, there are many scams surrounding home DNA test kits…feel free to read about them here. New York’s State Department of Health requires that an AABB laboratory performs the DNA test and a certified Third Party Collector administers the DNA test sampling.

Ultimately, you must choose a qualified DNA testing center that you trust. NYC DNA Testing Centers checks off all of the boxes for a legal paternity DNA test. Our partner lab is an AABB-accredited DNA testing laboratory with multiple collection sites in New York City, NYC DNA Testing offers convenient locations to get a DNA Test near you.

Also, April 15th is just a couple of months away. As a result, you will be happy to know that NYC DNA Testing Centers provides DNA testing results in as little as two business days. Give us a call today for rapid, accurate DNA testing that earns you more money on your tax return!

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