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DNA Testing in NYC: Buyer Beware – The Truth About Home DNA Testing Kits

At NYC DNA Testing Centers, our mission is to continue being the leading provider of DNA testing in NYC. We care about doing honest business and protecting our customers. Recently, we notice an alarming trend that’s being adopted by several DNA testing facilities in New York City – Home DNA Testing kits. This trend is a perfect example of ‘bait and switch’ tactics, and our we intend to keep you informed.

Several DNA testing centers in New York City offer ‘over-the-counter’ DNA testing kits for use at home. These home DNA testing kits usually advertise themselves as a home paternity test. As a result, upon purchasing the kit and opening the box – you see that there is no home DNA kit in the box at all. It turns out that New York State’s Public Health Law does not allow direct to consumer testing or private testing. Inside the box, you find a business card or voucher, and some instructions.

The instructions prompt you to call the testing center and schedule an appointment. In addition to scheduling an appointment, they explain that there is a lab fee involved for the DNA sample collection and that additional charges may apply. Generally, these fees end up costing about 10 times the price of the ‘home DNA testing kit’.

Home DNA Testing Kits – You Get What You Pay For

Many prospective buyers love the idea of getting a home DNA test for around 30 dollars. Unfortunately, if it sounds too good to be true…it probably isn’t. When you purchase these home DNA testing kits, you’re merely buying a voucher for a discount off of their lab fees. Furthermore, these labs charge you a collection fee and administration fee, in addition to the lab fees. The collection fees alone are least an extra 50 dollars per person.

The boxes for these home DNA tests are generally labeled with verbiage such as ‘free shipping’ and ‘same-day results’ available. The free shipping label misleads you, to say the least, as there is nothing to ship; you have to visit the testing facility to give a DNA sample. Additionally, there are no same-day results, there is no DNA test kit inside the box and you schedule an appointment for a later date.

Furthermore, once you open the box you may see contradictory information to the one displayed on the outside of the box – ‘Results Online in 2 Business Days’. What this really means is they will post your test results online within 2 business days after your sample reaches their DNA testing lab in. Once you factor in transit time, it could easily take two weeks to receive the results.

How to Get DNA Testing in NYC

Ultimately, what seems like a bargain turns out to be very expensive once you factor in the many hidden fees involved. Now that you understand the truth behind these DNA testing kit gimmicks, you might be asking yourself where to turn to. The best option is to find a reputable DNA testing facility in New York City.

NYC DNA Testing Centers is the best choice for a straightforward, honest DNA testing site. We have 5 testing locations and service areas in the New York City area and we offer mobile collections as well. Additionally, our sample collectors are AABB-certified, meaning that our test results hold up in court. You can expect your test results in 2 to 3 business days after your collection appointment – no false advertising here.

Make the right choice, choose NYC DNA Testing Centers. Contact us today to make your appointment.

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