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Paternity Test in NYC

Paternity Test in NYC: Eliminating the Doubts

Bringing a child into the world and raising them is a blessed experience. From the joys of connecting with your offspring to teaching them about the world, and seeing yourself in them. At the same time, it can be a very challenging experience. Hence, raising a newborn brings about many questions. There is no manual for raising a child, and sometimes even the true identity of the father is a mystery. If you’re searching for answers – you need a paternity test in NYC.

A Paternity Test in NYC Helps Establish Legal Fatherhood

According to the New York State court system, both parents of the child need to be married in order for legal paternity to be established. Hence, a child born out of wedlock essentially does not have a ‘legal’ father. The father may declare himself the legal father by signing an Acknowledgment of Paternity. Alternatively, an order of filiation grants fatherhood, and responsibility for the child.

All of this seems pretty cut and dry. However, what is a mother to do when she has multiple partners and is unsure about the true biological father? Purchasing a paternity test in NYC is the most common, effective procedure for discovering the true biological father.

How to Get a Paternity Test in NYC

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Hence, at the very least, both parents should be working together to give that child their best shot at life. As a result, a paternity test in NYC is an invaluable tool for establishing paternity and getting things on track.

How to get a paternity test in NYC
How to get a paternity test in NYC

Finding an AABB-Certified Laboratory

The first step is to seek out a DNA Testing center in NYC that is partnered with an AABB-certified laboratory. Notably, the New York State court systems exclusively accept DNA testing results from AABB providers. Fortunately, NYC DNA Testing Centers proudly has all DNA tests completed through an AABB-certified laboratory and all of our DNA sample collectors are AABB-certified relationship sample collectors. Ultimately, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your DNA test results will hold up in court.

Schedule Your Collection Appointment

It’s important to note that a paternity test in NYC requires the mother’s consent to test the child if the father is not on the birth certificate. Hence, the mother should call to schedule the collection appointment. Paternity testing involves collecting the child’s DNA as well as the alleged father.

Furthermore, the DNA collection involves a fairly simple process. Actually, we use a buccal swab to collect the person’s cheek cells and then place it in a sterile container. The entire process takes about 30 seconds per person and is completely painless.

Delivering Your Results

When you need answers to serious questions, every second counts. Hence, NYC DNA Testing Centers recognizes the importance of providing rapid responses. Our testing centers offer DNA testing in NYC and deliver results in as little as 2 or 3 business days. A paternity test in NYC helps you to establish the identity of the true biological father so that you may act accordingly and get your child’s life on track.

If you’re searching for a quality DNA testing center in NYC, look no further. NYC DNA Testing Centers offers unmatched customer service and AABB-certified DNA testing results. Additionally, we work around the clock to respond to you as quickly as possible. Give us a call now and see for yourself.

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