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legal dna test nyc
legal dna test nyc

NYS Paternity Testing Laws: Laws Regarding DNA Testing in NYC

DNA testing serves as a tool for facilitating many situations like identifying a child’s biological father, their grandparents, and siblings. Additionally, there are legal ramifications pertaining to DNA test results in certain situations. Hence, if you’re seeking DNA testing in NYC for court cases, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these laws beforehand. Furthermore, NYS paternity testing laws differ from the rest of the countries.

At-Home DNA Test Kits Won’t Do

NYS paternity testing laws require DNA testing for child support cases or similar disputes. While at-home DNA test kits are often being marketed as a convenient and affordable product, they are not recognized by the NYS court system. Also, it’s important to note that most ‘DNA kits’ you find in the store are actually not DNA kits at all! Ultimately, what you get is a business card and a voucher towards your DNA testing appointment fees. Don’t be fooled – learn more about DNA kit bait and switches here.

Legal Parenthood

NYS paternity testing laws dictate that in New York, a child born out of wedlock does not have a legal father. Hence, a father can establish paternity via signing an Acknowledgment of Paternity form, or by petitioning the courts to issue an order of filiation. If the true biological father of the child’s identity remains disputable – the preferred method to resolve the dispute is by performing paternity DNA testing in NYC.

Under certain circumstances, an order of filiation benefits both the father and the mother. Specifically, an order of filiation grants the father visitation and custody rights. Additionally, this order also mandates that the father play a role in financially supporting the child.

A Mother’s Consent

DNA testing in NYC requires a parent’s consent while testing children. Hence, if a child is born out of wedlock, he does not have a legal father. As a result, testing the child’s DNA is only possible when the mother consents to it.

NYS Paternity Testing Laws Require AABB-Accreditation

The New York State courts require DNA testing facilities to meet all AABB standards. Hence, it’s crucial that you seek AABB-certified DNA testing in NYC if you’re testing for legal purposes. Fortunately, NYC DNA Testing Center’s partner lab holds AABB accreditation. Furthermore, all of our DNA sample collectors are AABB certified DNA Collectors. Ultimately, when you go with our DNA testing sites – you know you’re getting DNA testing operating on to the highest standards. Also, you get DNA testing in NYC that produces court-admissible results.

The state of New York possesses some unique laws regarding DNA testing in NYC that make the process a bit complex. However, the peace of mind you gain by establishing the truth is priceless. Hence, it’s important to press on and make that appointment to get the answers you seek.

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