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NYC DNA Testing of Manhattan Our DNA testing center in Manhattan NY on the Upper East Side is a block away from the Q train and just minutes from FDR Drive. Conveniently located at 331 E 71st St, New York, NY 10021, by appointment only, our DNA collection site is also situated close to the F, 4, 5, 6 trains and 2 stops away from Spanish Harlem.


Our mobile collectors also serve all of Manhattan including the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, East Harlem, Harlem, Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights. Whether you need a DNA test for peace of mind or a quick court-admissible paternity test, NYC DNA Testing of Manhattan is confidential and will always treat you with respect.


Not all DNA testing clinics in NYC operate the same. NYC DNA Testing Centers prides itself on redefining excellent customer service. Hence, from that initial phone call to the moment we deliver your results – we maintain every aspect of our interaction confidential.




Paternity Testing in Manhattan



 NYC DNA Testing of Manhattan guarantees accurate testing. We produce test results with a confidence interval that exceeds 99% – count on us by providing you with the right answers.

When you need answers – time is of the essence. NYC DNA Testing Centers delivers results to you in just two to three business.

Our staff makes every effort to handle each customer with care and discretion.

No matter what your needs are – we are here for you. Are you seeking the answers to questions we haven’t covered here? Pick up the phone and contact us. Our staff is waiting to assist you.

Call now for your DNA Test in Manhattan by calling 212-235-1857. We can schedule an appointment for you as early as today or tomorrow!

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About NYC DNA Testing in Manhattan

NYC DNA Testing of Manhattan is all about getting you the information you need. We offer several DNA analysis tests including Paternity Tests, Sibling Tests, and Grandparent DNA tests for the residents of Manhattan County. We have a network of DNA collection sites nationwide so parties can be tested at separate locations and times without any hassle. Register for a DNA test by calling 212-235-1857 to schedule your appointment. Regardless of the type of test you need, Manhattan DNA Testing can help!

DNA Testing Services in Manhattan, New York


You come to the right place for DNA testing services in NYC. Now, let’s go through the services we offer in New York, New York:

  • Paternity Testing – Used to determine the biological father of a child.                   
  • Maternity Testing – This test identifies who gave birth to the child.                       
  • Grandparentage Testing – A DNA test that identifies the grandparents of a child.                                                                                                                                     
  • Immigration Testing – These tests substantiate immigration visa applications by providing proof of familial relationships.                                                                 
  • Siblingship Testing – These tests confirm or deny that two individuals are siblings.


Paternity tests establish whether the alleged father is the actual…


The Grandparent Lineage Test is performed to determine…


An Avuncular Test determines the likelihood that one person…


A DNA sibling test is one in which the genetic material (DNA…


Maternity tests establish whether the alleged mother is…


Immigration Tests are done to check the stated biological…

Paternity Testing in Manhattan

All legal DNA tests compare 22 genetic markers to determine your results, offering results with up to 99.9% certainty or greater for paternity testing. In fact, the percentage comes out to be 99.999% or greater in many cases. When establishing paternity, the mother does not need to be tested because of this high level of certainty.

The paternity of a child or individual can also be established through the use of grandparent DNA from the father’s side. This is especially helpful in cases where the alleged father is not available for testing.


You will receive your results via email within 2-3 business days and then receive a hard copy report certified in the mail from the laboratory.

24 Hour rushed results available


Your results are always 100% private, released only to authorized parties included in the test.


All DNA test include a chain of custody Notarized Results report out from AABB, NYSDOH accredited Laboratory.

Quality Paternity testing and DNA Tests in Manhattan, NY


DNA, also known as Deoxyribonucleic acid, makes up the fabric of our lives (move over, cotton). This material is found in nearly all living organisms and carries our genetic information – thus making up our genetic profile. There are approximately 7 billion people walking this planet – and no two of us are alike.

DNA is responsible for granting us our unique nature. We receive half of our genetic ‘instructions’ from our mothers and the remainder from our fathers. Furthermore, each of our grandparents provide us with a quarter of our DNA.

Take into consideration that our DNA profiles revert back hundreds of years and include multiple generations. Hence, while you look similar to your parents and siblings – you’re not an exact replica of them. Also, the most dominant genes express themselves and give us our inherent physical and personal traits.

Testing your DNA becomes important for many regarding personal and even legal matters. Whether you’re battling for custody, searching for siblings, reconnecting your family – DNA often plays a huge role in making this happen. Furthermore, NYC DNA Testing of Manhattan uncovers many sensitive and private discoveries. Considering that fact, it’s important to find the right DNA testing clinic in New York to entrust.


How do I schedule a DNA Test in the Manhattan?

We know that you have a busy life, that’s why we make scheduling a DNA test and attending your appointment, simple and fast at our clinics. If you are looking for a specific date and time, it’s always helpful to schedule in advance, but for last minute needs, we usually have appointments available the next day. To make an appointment just give us a call with the day, time, and location that’s most convenient for you.


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How long does it take to get the results of a DNA Test?

DNA paternity tests collected at one of our Bronx, New York locations typically generate results in 2-3 business days. When the results are ready you are notified immediately via email. Hard copies are sent after email notification via regular mail or FedEx.


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What should I expect and what do I need to bring?

For your convenience, your DNA testing appointment will only take about 15 minutes. Thanks to the quick and painless cheek swab collection process, you’ll be in and out in no time. No need to take time off of work or cancel plans with friends!

We do ask for photo identification at the clinic, so be sure to bring a valid ID. Photos will be taken of the people being tested to assure the correct identity of the parties being tested.


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Does the mother need to be present at a paternity test?

The mother only needs to be present at a paternity test if the man being tested is not legally considered the father of the child being tested. The mother does not have to be present or give consent for a paternity test if the man is considered the legal father of the child. A legal guardian can bring the child, in cases where neither parent is available.


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What is one party is not located in Manhattan?

One great thing about DNA analysis through NYC DNA Testing of the Manhattan is that testing is not dependent on location. We have clinics across New York City and nationwide, so we can test one party at 3030 Middletown Rd Bronx, NY 10461 and the other party anywhere else in the USA. Our process never requires that a father and child be tested at the same location, or even at the same time, in the case of a paternity test.


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Do you need to schedule a paternity test in Manhattan?

Call us now and speak with a registered AABB relationship testing sample collector at 212-235-1857  to schedule an appointment for a DNA Test in Manhattan. We don’t accept walk ins, but we can usually accommodate same day or next day appointments.


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