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Home DNA Test Kits: Not What They Seem

They say what seems cheap sometimes turns out to be very expensive. We understand everyone is shopping for a bargain – but some deals are just not worth the trouble. At NYC DNA Testing Centers, we actively scan the DNA testing market in New York City to provide you with the highest quality testing while remaining competitive. Along with our research, we pick up on the latest trends in the industry, one of them being Home DNA Test Kits.

Recently, we discovered a disturbing trend that’s being adopted by multiple DNA testing centers in New York City. As a DNA Testing Center in New York, we are familiar with all of the cheap tricks within the industry. We feel the need to share with you that there is a major bait and switch scheme underway that targets uninformed buyers.

Several prominent DNA Testing labs in NYC are offering over the counter home DNA test kits. Actually, New York State’s Public Health Laws deny any paternity testing being done within a home. This should immediately bring up a red flag.   

On the outside, the product usually comes disguised as a paternity test that you can complete at home. Furthermore, if you purchase the product, you will see there is no actual test kit inside the box. As a result, once you open the box you will most likely find a voucher for use towards a portion of a lab fee. Additionally, you find some instructions to set up an in-person appointment at their testing site.

Home DNA Test Kits: It’s All About Perception

Don’t feel bad for being duped into purchasing one of these bunk kits – they actually look like a great deal! Generally, these products come with very attractive pricing – between $25 to $35 dollars. Additionally, the boxes come adorned with labels such as ‘free shipping’ and ‘same day results’. Who wouldn’t take advantage of such a great deal, right?

Turns out it’s a horrible deal. There is no home DNA test kit to ship inside the box, given that the instructions you receive prompt you to make an appointment to visit their labs in person. Furthermore, 25 to 35 dollars is just the tip of the iceberg in costs with these DNA tests in NYC. Generally, the lab fee alone costs about 5 to 10 times the purchase price of the voucher. Also, the companies tack on collection fees to the total cost. Considering all costs, you’re looking at about $350 to $500 out-of-pocket costs for these so-called ‘home DNA test kits’.

The Truth About Home DNA Test Kits

Here comes the bad news, there is no such thing as a home DNA test kit in New York City. There is a positive to this story, however. We offer a wide variety of DNA tests in NYC via our company – NYC DNA Testing Centers.

You can visit any of our 5 DNA Testing service areas in NYC.  Looking to take the test in your own home? Our mobile DNA collectors come to you (exclusions apply, contact us for details). We operate quickly – you’ll receive your test results in 2 to 3 business days. We operate effectively – our test results are over 99.99% accurate. And finally, we operate honestly – when we promise you something, we deliver. Contact us to set up your DNA test in NYC today!

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