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DNA Testing Privacy: How Safe is Your DNA Really?

DNA testing privacy is not as straightforward as you would hope it is. With the recent buzz about government agencies accessing people’s DNA info, there’s no surprise that regular American citizens are looking further into this matter. Your DNA contains sensitive information about you and your lineage. Hence, it’s logical that you want to maintain your privacy. Naturally, you ask just how safe is DNA testing?

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Actually, the biggest risks stem from home DNA test kits. Furthermore, the recent scare involving the FBI accessing a consumer DNA database actually belongs to a very popular home DNA test kit company. We will not name the company here, however, a quick search brings the results up at the top of the page.

DNA Testing Privacy Concerns Revolving Home DNA Test Kits

If you’re searching for DNA testing in NYC, you’re probably coming across many of these DNA testing kits in convenience stores. Truthfully, they seem like a great deal at first. They’re cheap, and they promise you the world. Unfortunately, they’re not everything they seem.

Also, with the recent privacy scares – we’re learning that they are worse than we thought. The larger retailers of these DNA testing kits actually maintain your DNA testing results on an online database. Hence, it seems convenient by allowing you to access the results whenever you want.

However, just like you’re accessing the results – hackers are gaining access to it as well.

Just last year, MyHeritage reported a hack that affects nearly a hundred million users. As DNA testing in NYC is becoming more popular, expect that these attacks will increase in frequency and magnitude.

DNA Testing Privacy – Selling Your Genetic Material For Profits

Performing DNA testing in NYC through these home DNA test kit providers implies agreeing to their terms of service. That’s the obvious part, what’s not so obvious are their actual terms. Some of these large home DNA testing companies are partnering with pharmaceutical companies and selling your DNA while profiting off of you.

Unfortunately, there’s more! While Federal privacy laws exist regarding how they handle your genetic info, these laws do not apply to insurance companies. Are you shopping around for life insurance? If you purchased a home DNA test kit and submitted it for testing, chances are that the insurance companies are checking your DNA before providing a quote.

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DNA Testing Privacy Comes Down to the Company You Choose

Ultimately, staying safe and maintaining your privacy comes down to making the right decisions. We live in a time where seemingly everything is for sale. Hence, choosing your provider for DNA testing in NYC very carefully is important.

NYC DNA Testing Centers prides itself on operating honestly and fairy. Furthermore, maintaining your privacy is one of our top priorities. We do not engage in selling our clients’ information for a profit. We strictly focus on providing accurate DNA testing services in NYC. Additionally, we price our services fairly, and we operate with integrity.

Your sensitive information is safe with us. Your test results come directly to you – we don’t post them online or sell them to any other company. Finally, if you have any questions – give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions or schedule your DNA testing appointment.

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