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DNA Testing Centers in NYC: What to Look For

If you’re searching for DNA testing in NYC, you probably notice that there are tons of options. However, finding the right DNA testing centers in NYC requires careful consideration. DNA testing uncovers sensitive and very personal information about a person’s familial relations.

Hence, choosing the right DNA testing centers in NYC ensures that your personal information is being handled properly.

Privacy concerns aside, many individuals seek DNA testing in NYC when they are being faced with potentially life-altering situations. Clearly, they want to ensure that they are dealing with an honest company that provides trustworthy results. Additionally, life in NYC is very fast-paced. As a result, choosing DNA testing centers in NYC with convenient locations and business hours matters a lot to the average consumer.

Let’s explore a few aspects of a DNA testing provider in NYC that you shouldn’t overlook.

Honesty and Privacy

Let’s not beat around the bush here. DNA testing potentially exposes you. There are plenty of exposes in the media regarding celebrities requesting DNA testing and the results getting out, etc. However, if you’re not a celebrity – there still are a couple of things to worry about.

Fortunately, most of the concerns are revolving home DNA test kits. Actually, a few of the larger names in home DNA test kits have been sharing information with government entities for surveillance purposes. Also, these home DNA kits are even now selling your DNA profiles to life insurance companies (yes, this affects your rates) and even Nestle!

Now, take comfort in knowing that NYC DNA Testing Centers keeps your test results 100% confidential. Yes, that means that you’re the only person who gets to see the report as it’s sent directly from the lab. Under no circumstances will we ever leak DNA testing results – we put our customers’ privacy over financial gain any and every day.

DNA Testing Centers in NYC Require AABB Certification

The American Association of Blood Banks certifies all DNA testing labs in NYC and across the nation. Without this designation, your DNA testing results do not offer much. Hence, search for a DNA collection site that partners with an AABB-accredited testing provider – like NYC DNA Testing Centers.

Rapid Turnaround

There are certain circumstances in life that require you to make decisions quickly. Hence, you need a DNA testing provider in NYC that delivers results rapidly – so that you can make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, there are some providers out there that take weeks to deliver results. When you’re seeking DNA testing, you’re looking for answers to burning questions. Hence, minutes seem like hours, and hours seem like days until you get your test results. At NYC DNA Testing Centers, we understand the importance of providing accurate results in a timely manner. Given that fact, we deliver your DNA testing results in a discrete report within two to three business days.

Make the right choice – choose NYC DNA Testing Centers as your provider for AABB-certified DNA testing results delivered to your door within a few days. Also, we offer several convenient locations so that you don’t have to go out of your way for DNA collections. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

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