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How Much Does a DNA Test Cost in NY?
How Much Does a DNA Test Cost in NY?

How Much Does a DNA Test Cost in NY? Your Question Answered

Here at NYC DNA Testing Centers, we get asked about pricing very often. More importantly, our clients come to us after seeing bogus offers made by other competitors. Unfortunately, many companies are offering all sorts of deceptive promotions for DNA testing in NYC. Hence, when our customers ask, ‘how much does a DNA test cost in NY?’, we prefer to answer honestly and openly.

There’s more on that later. First, let’s cover a couple of deceptive marketing tactics being employed today. If you’re searching for DNA testing in NYC – you’re going to want to know about these. NYC DNA Testing Centers shoots you straight – we’re not here to make a quick buck off of a lie. Moreover, we believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions.

How Much Does a DNA Test Cost in NY? Think Again

The $99 DNA Test in NYC

Okay, so many companies out there advertise a $99 DNA test. Honestly, this sounds like a great deal! Unfortunately, this price is only the beginning of what you will pay. When you call these companies, they basically charge $99 upfront to reserve the appointment.

Then, you show up to your DNA collection appointment and can pay up to an additional $250 or more in ‘lab fees’! Yes, this is a bait and switch tactic being employed by many companies offering DNA testing in NYC.

We are not big fans of bait and switch tactics or deceptive marketing. Hence, you can call us anytime to get your upfront pricing – no gimmicks.

Cheap DNA Test Kits

If you’re shopping in a convenience store, chances are you’re going to come across a home DNA test kit. Generally, these carry very attractive pricing – maybe even $40 or less. Also, they advertise same day results. ‘What a great deal!’, you say.

Unfortunately, there’s more to these kits they are not telling you. Upon purchasing the kit and opening the box, you’ll find there’s no DNA test kit inside. Actually, what you get is a voucher for the purchase value towards a much more expensive DNA testing fee. Also, you get a business card with instructions to call the vendor to set up your appointment. Ultimately, this deal comes up short on its promises.

How Much Does a DNA Test Cost in NY? Get an Answer Here

NYC DNA Testing Centers prefers not to employ deceptive marketing tactics or frustrate potential customers with vague language or fine print. We communicate with our customers honestly and openly. Hence, we are happy to provide simple pricing for you – with no hidden fees.

Also, it’s important to note that the pricing may vary depending on the types of tests you are performing and the number of individuals involved. As a result, the best way to get accurate pricing is by calling our customer service line and speaking with our representatives. After answering a couple of questions, you get a price quote that you can trust.

There are many companies out there willing to sacrifice their reputation to line their pockets. Make the right choice – trust NYC DNA Testing Centers for all of your DNA testing in NYC.

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