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Acknowledgement of Paternity: How to Do It Correctly

Acknowledgement of Paternity in NYC

Are you having a child soon? Welcoming a newborn into the world is an exciting time. However, for some – it also creates a lot of confusion. Furthermore, this situation potentially becomes even more complicated if the child is born out of wedlock. Parenthood is a life-long commitment and there are many considerations to factor. Ultimately, deciding to register as the father requires filling out an Acknowledgement of Paternity.

In New York, state laws dictate that a child born out of wedlock does not have a legal father. Hence, Acknowledgement of Paternity grants a child a legal father. The process is simple and includes just a few steps to do it right.

Completing an Acknowledgement of Paternity Form

If you’re looking to establish legal paternity, you will have to fill out an LDS4418 form (which you can download by clicking on the link).

  • First, the child’s section of the form requires filling in basic details like the location of the hospital, the gender, and birthdate.
  • Second, the father’s section of the form requires his personal information and Social Security number. Also, two people should witness the father should be signing the form.
  • Also, the mother needs to fill her portion of the form and share her personal information and Social Security number. Like the father’s section, the mother requires two witnesses present when she is signing the form. Furthermore, the mother should include her maiden name on the forms.
  • The official sections of the form require the Birth Registrar filling the Recorded District and Register data.
  • Finally, both parents fill in their mailing address on the reverse side of the form.

Establishing paternity nyc

Establishing Paternity

While learning the process for Acknowledgement of Paternity, it’s important to not forget that this assumes you know who the biological father of the child is. However, certain circumstances make identifying the biological father a challenge. When a person has multiple partners, this becomes tricky.

Naturally, you want to identify the biological father of the child so you can discuss signing the Acknowledgement of Paternity forms together. This is where paternity DNA testing comes in. Many are seeking paternity DNA testing in NYC to confirm a biological relationship to the child before acknowledging paternity.

Fortunately, paternity DNA testing is extremely accurate. Specifically, this form of DNA testing in NYC retrieves results with greater than 99% accuracy. All of our DNA sample collectors are AABB-certified – meaning that our test results meet the requirements for paternity cases, etc. Hence, you can be sure you’re making informed decisions.

NYC DNA Testing Centers provide the highest quality paternity DNA testing services you will find in the New York City area. Furthermore, with 5 convenient locations and mobile sample collectors – we combine unmatched quality with superior convenience.

Before you sign that Acknowledgement of Paternity, perform your due diligence. Additionally, becoming a father is a major decision – make sure you’re arming yourself with the right information beforehand! Give us a call to schedule your paternity DNA testing appointment today and eliminate any doubts.

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